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BacKup Power Solutions

Thinking of installing a Whole Home Stand-bye Generator?


Enjoy total peace of mind when you invest in an automatic standby generator made by Generac and installed by our licensed professionals. Whether you’re facing a summer thunderstorm or a prairie blizzard that could lead to frozen pipes, a backup generator can keep the lights on and power your most important appliances until service is restored. Small’s Electrical Services is located in Brandon MB & proudly serves customers throughout SW Manitoba & Saskatchewan. Work with our experienced team to see why we’re the area’s top Generac dealer.



Benefits of Home Backup Generators

Power outages are on the rise due to increased demand, aging power grids, and a surge in severe storms. A professionally installed backup power supply can keep the lights on or produce enough energy to run your heating and cooling system and major appliances. With all these benefits, it’s not surprising that automatic standby generators are popular with homeowners and home buyers. This upgrade can also deliver a substantial return on investment as high as 150%. Learn more about how these systems work.

  • Residential generators use natural gas, propane, or another fuel source to provide uninterrupted power in case of an outage.

  • These unobtrusive self-contained systems sit outside your home just like a conventional HVAC unit.

  • In the event of an outage, a transfer switch that’s installed near your breaker box alerts the generator to kick on and power your entire home or select circuits.

  • While most homeowners select automatic transfer switches, manual options are available. In some cases, the transfer switch can replace your main electrical panel completely.

Choosing a Backup Generator for Your Home

Residential standby generators are available in a wide range of capacities, depending on your needs and your budget. Most residential air-cooled units produce anywhere from 7,000 to 24,000 watts of power, which may be enough to power critical circuits or your entire home.

Whole-Home Installations provide enough energy to run all circuits at the same time within the home allowing you to operate as though you were off-grid during an outage.

Why Choose Small’s Electrical Services Ltd. for your isntallation?

Small’s Electrical Services Ltd has been providing power generation & electrical services to the friendly people of southwestern manitoba for since 2018. Providing unmatched workmanship, knowledge & customer satisfaction that we are proud to put our name too. Our knowledable staff will assist you from sizing and layout, to sales and installation we strive to create lasting relationships with our customers to keep them coming back. Small’s Electric is a Certified Generac Dealer and can assist customers in whatever sales, service & isntallation they may be needing. Contact us now to speak with a representative and let us help keep you up and running.

Other Backup power solutions

– Generlink meter socket transfer switch (Use with portable generator)

– Generac Manual transfer switch with exterior power port.

– UPS battery bank for critical 120v devices.

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