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Commercial Lighting

Why upgrade to LED in your Business?


Exterior/Parking Lot Lighting: A typical parking lot or exterior building is lit by an array of either the following; Metal Halide (MH), High/Low Pressure Sodium (HPS/LPS), and High Intensity Discharge (HID) Light Fixtures. These fixtures are the most commonly used fixtures for various lighting requirements and have been around for close to a century. They have been very effective but have more cons than pros that make them not as reliable as their LED counterparts. Most fixtures are fairly efficient on their light output but can be replaced with similar or identical LED fixtures, burning only 87 watts each with the same light output!



Cost Comparison between LED and conventional Lighting

Cost based on average of 9hrs of operation per day per month with current 2020 hydro electricity kWhr rate.


These values are for one single light fixture! Now multiply these values by the number of lights at your business and see your total potential savings!

Upgrading to LED equivalent fixtures can yield up to a 64 percent savings on average per month!


Commercial Office/Warehouse: A typical commercial space is lit by a grid of 2×4 fluorescent light fixtures, burning approximately 128 watts each. These fixtures can be replaced with similar, often more visually appealing LED equivalent fixtures burning a fraction of the wattage at 32-40 watts each.

Cost Comparison between LED and conventional Florescent Lighting

Replacing your old fluorescent fixtures can yield over a 68 percent savings on lighting costs for your retail or office space! 

What if we could save you even more?

So we have showed you the potential savings for your business by simply upgrading your lighting fixtures.We can help your business maximize its savings even more and boost your total energy savings by approximately 84 percent with the incorporation of either photocell control, operational timers and occupancy sensors!

Small Business Lighting Upgrade Rebate Programs



Small’s Electrical Services is an Approved Manitoba Hydro Supplier, and can offer our customers Manitoba Hydro’s  Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs. The lighting upgrade program can cover up to 70 percent of your material and installation costs!



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