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 Why choose Small’s Electrical Services?

Small’s Electrical Services provides innovative lighting solutions that are a smart choice for our customers. Our retrofit lighting products enable clients to cut their energy costs 60% to 80% without compromising on the functionality, aesthetics, safety and affordability of their lighting system. Whether retail, commercial, institutional, residential or large industrial applications, we guarantee customer satisfaction on every job.


 Why consider changing to LED?

Nowadays lighting systems (residential, commercial and industrial ) comprises around 15% of your overall energy bills. These numbers may not seem like a lot, but consider this: you can cut that expense at least half with little cost and almost no effort on your part.

What is an LED?

A LED is an abbreviation of the name Light Emitting Diode, and does exactly as the name says when a very small voltage is applied to the diode (approximately 1.7-3.3v) it will emit a light.


What are the benefits compared to conventional lighting options?

LED’s are a far superior lighting option compared to its other lighting counterparts and their pros vastly outweigh their cons but mainly due to their low operational  & maintenance costs and also their exceptional life expectancy.


Lighting upgrade rebates

There are a variety of programs offered through Efficiency Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro to Manitoba Residents, Business Owners and facility managers that encourage the removal and replacement of older non energy efficient lighting fixtures with high efficiency LED lighting. 

Small’s Electrical Services is an approved contractor to provide our customers with these cost supplementation programs. We will help you through the application process, design and full installation of your new high efficiency LED lighting upgrade.

Applicants for these rebates may be  eligible for up to %70 of all material and installation costs covered! Not only can you have your home, business or facility upgraded to energy efficient lighting for a fraction of the upfront cost, but you will continually see savings on your operating costs over time with a fraction of the energy consumption.

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