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Electrical Preventative Maintenance in your facility


In the electrical industry, electrical preventive maintenance can be compared much like vehicle maintenance. Every vehicle manufacturer has stages to which components need to be inspected or replaced through the life of the vehicle. Similarly, electrical equipment in your facility should be treated the same. However, there is significant complacency out there that once an electrical system is installed, it will provide adequate performance over the life of the system. Preventive maintenance is essential and ignoring the maintenance of the system and its components is often directly related to failures that can trigger unwanted downtime or even cause severe injury or death.



Value and Benefits of a Properly Administered EPM Program

Cost Effectiveness: Electrical preventive maintenance is cost-effective in several different ways. Firstly, it is cheaper to make repairs to equipment before it fails. When electrical equipment fails, there is usually subsequent damage to other componstem. Often the equipment cannot be repaired and must be completely replaced.

Reduced Down time and revenue loss: A well executed EPM program reduces the chance of accidents, can save lives, and minimizes costly breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns of equipment.  Future Failures or troubles can be predicted and or identified before they become problems requiring more expensive, time-consuming solutions.

Reduce utility bills: An effective electrical preventative maintenance program will improve equipment efficiency and reduce utility bills. A loose or dirty connection has increased resistance which results in higher power losses. By simply tightening and cleaning electrical connections, you can lower these energy costs. When considered over a period of time, these energy losses can add up to quite a significant amount of money.

How Small’s Electrical Services can help you maintain your Facility

Field Review and Inspection: The first step in an electrical preventative maintenance program is a field Review consisting of;

  • Compiling a complete list of all equipment and systems. 

  • Determine which equipment and system are most critical for operation of your facility.

  • Develop a Contingency Plan to deal with outages & equipment failure

Testing: special test equipment to inspect and monitor the integrity of electrical equipment and components such as;

  • Thermographic Inspection of all electrical equipment. This survey is a non-invasive method of identifying high temperatures in equipment and cabling which indicates potential problem areas.

  • Inferred Temperature scanning. This survey is also a non-invasive method of identifying equipment and fluid temperatures 

  • Insulation resistance testing: this is one of the most important tests to conduct. This test is done to inspect the current integrity of the insulation around the conductors.

  • Moisture and Arking inspection: Moisture and Loose connections are the most common causes of arking that will decline the life expectancy of the equipment if not caught before it becomes a larger problem. We will physically inspect and remedy any moisture problems and lose connection problems in all electrical equipment and components.

Concise and Complete Record-Keeping: This is the most overlooked aspect of the preventative maintenance program. However, a clear record-keeping system will help keep the program cost-effective by ensuring that all the work is being done when it is supposed to be. In addition, tracking of test results is beneficial to communication and effectiveness in staff.

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