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Residential Power Solutions

Why install a  Backup Generator in your home?

A power outage can make you feel like life is on hold and often leads to added stress. Whether you’re an elderly resident who must maintain electrical power to medical equipment or a home daycare with many young children. A power outage is inevitable and the duration can vary drastically from a few minutes to several hours or days. A power outage can be caused by a number of reasons such as lightning strikes, utility companies doing routine maintenance of the power grid, large draw of electrical power from nearby industrial facilities, or the most common cause of power outages, weather storms. Having the proper equipment in place can completely prevent the case of a complete power outage and keep your home and the people inside, comfortable, stress free and safe no matter the circumstances of the outside world. Backup power is something every homeowner should consider and Small’s Electric can answer any of your questions and has many backup power solutions for any power loss situation you may face.

Natural Gas Standby Generator

Smalls Electric supplies only the best and most reliable backup generators in the industry and that’s why we are a supplier of Kohler Generators. Kohler is one of the top selling generator brands in North America and has some the most powerful and longest lasting backup generators available. With unmatched reliability and quality of materials it’s no wonder the Kohler name has lasted so long in the industry. But they don’t just outperform their competitors in performance and reliability, but they also trust in the reliability of their generators so much they offer  one the highest warranty policies of any of the standby generator manufacturers on the market as well, just so you can be assured your equipment will run seamlessly when called upon.


Our standby generators continually monitor your home’s connection to the local electrical utility grid. Continuous monitoring of the utility grid ensures when a loss of power is detected the system will automatically start your generator and supply you with electricity from your generator until local power is restored. Once power from the local utility is restored your generator system will automatically shut your generator off and switch your power back to the grid seamlessly without you even moving or noticing. All models have capabilities of fully automatic transferring and remote monitoring of their generator. Property owners can obtain levels of power suitable for running everything from specific applications, such as sump pumps and refrigerators, to an entire home or small office building.

Portable Generator Backup Power

We realize that sometimes our clients may not require the amount of power generated by a standby system, or may not have access to natural gas systems. We at Small’s Electric also have the capabilities of providing your home backup power capabilities with a smaller portable generator. These types of systems offer smaller load capabilities and require manual start up of the system, but are able to provide electrical power for lights and general receptacles for charging of cell phones and powering of televisions and radios. Although the power supplied is much less than a standby unit and considered as supplying not as clean of a power signal, ( effects the operation of some electronic components) the total cost of the system is drastically lower and provides general comfort and doesn’t leave you sitting completely in the dark.



One of the best ways to figure out what sort of generator you need is to picture your home or business without power. What are the electrical appliances you will need if you have to go without power for a few days?

Some basics that you should take account for:

  • Heating and cooling system

  • Refrigerator and freezer

  • Oven and stove

  • Microwave

  • Sump pump

  • Television

  • Router

  • Some electrical sockets to charge cell phones

  • Lighting

  • Washer and dryer

  • Security system

  • Fire alarm and monitoring system/li>

  • Garage door opener

These are just some of the basics that you should consider when deciding what your stand by generator will need to power at your property. You can research your needs online to find out the power needed for each or there is often a sticker on the machine itself with the information. Once you have the number check to see that you have a generator that covers the total amount of energy you may need. It is recommended to get a generator with a little more power than is necessary.

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