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Why upgrade to LED in your Home?

The typical light bulb used in most homes are Incandescent, Halogen, CFL, and now becoming more common are LED. These different bulbs are able to be used in many different lighting applications and fixtures whether being installed in a bedroom dome light, kitchen pot lights, or exterior sconce fixtures. All of these bulbs get the job done of lighting a space, but that being said besides the LED bulbs the other options are not nearly as energy efficient or have even close the same life expectancy of LED lights and in turn end up costing you much more over time in replacement costs and energy consumption of the bulbs.


Cost Comparison between LED and conventional Lighting

Cost based on average of 9hrs of operation per day per month with current 2020 hydro electricity kW/hr

Replacing your old bulbs with LED equivalent bulbs can yield up to a 90 percent savings in lighting costs for your home!

Life Expectancy Comparison between LED and Conventional Lighting

    The only con of LED lights is that they cost more then the other lighting options but are becoming more and more affordable as the technology develops further, but the long life of the bulbs makes up for the cost difference and pays for itself many times over its lifespan over energy savings.

    Lighting Upgrade Rebate Programs

    Small’s Electrical Services is an Approved Manitoba Hydro Supplier, and can offer approved customers Manitoba Hydro, Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs that can cover a portion of your lighting upgrade costs.

    Call today to book an appointment to see how much savings you qualify for and see how we can bring your energy bill down, keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

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